Interview of the CEO of Mizban Sarzmin Pars Company with Donya Eghtesad newspaper

The CEO and member of the board of directors of Mizban Sarzamin Pars Company said: "In our country, tourism is tied to political issues and the lack of interaction with other countries and foreign sanctions prevents the widespread entry of foreign tourists to Iran.” Until these interactions take shape and world-renowned brands and companies are not able to invest in Iran, which leads to healthy competition in our country, it is not possible to draw a clear vision for this industry.

Nima Akhlaghnejat stated about the activities of this company: The host company of Mizban Sarzamin Pars was established about two years ago with the cooperation of a number of graduates of fields related to the restaurant and hotel industry from prestigious universities in the world.

With its specialized staff, in addition to its activities in the field of food and beverage services (Food & Beverage), the company also provides services in the field of training and specialized advice in the field of setting up and optimal use of food and beverage units. Regarding the amount of employment, investment and the vision of the company's development plans, she said: "Cafesaadabad" employs about 30 people directly, including people who are indirectly and out There are about 40 people in the group.Also, in "Mahmoudieh Restaurant", which is to be opened in the next few months, about 200 people will work directly and in two shifts.

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